Innovative Design
Earthtones offers a full line of innovative landscape design.

Since 1984, we’ve been making our customers’ dreams become reality, whether they’re seeking a fresh look for a flowerbed or a master plan for a brand new outdoor living space. We take joy in providing designs that are both attractive and functional, and that fit each customer’s needs and tastes to a T.

Our custom designs are drawn to scale in full color, making them clear and easy to follow, even for a landscaping novice. In addition to browsing the designs on this website, we encourage you to contact us to see more examples of our designs and projects, and be inspired by the possibilities.

et-icon-16 Our design fees vary depending on the size and scope of the project. Contact us to put our decades of experience to work for you!
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Texas Trees

One important element of any landscape design is selecting plants that are suited for the climate, and we’re often asked what trees are good picks for the area. We often recommend hardwood varieties that grow quickly and are resistant to issues such as fungus. Trees that readily thrive in north central Texas include:

  • Red Oak: Native to the area, this tree grows quickly and offers beautiful color in the fall. It thrives in the north Texas climate.
  • Lacebark Elm: This fast-growing tree has peeling bark that creates an attractive mottled pattern. It’s resistant to powdery mildew and its root system tolerates both drought and being underwater for long periods of time.
  • Chinese Pistachio: Another variety that tolerates both wet conditions and drought, this fast-growing shade tree has an interesting globe-like structure and offers gorgeous autumn color.