Outdoor Living

Practical or Ornamental

An arbor, pergola or gazebo from Earthtones can provide an oasis for your outdoor living area. Structures such as these can not only offer a haven on sunny days, but can also provide practical areas for entertaining and add value to your home.

Shade for Any Outdoor Space

An arbor provides both shade and beauty, and can easily serve as the focal point of an outdoor space. Our custom arbors are often built using western red cedar, treated pine or redwood, which can be painted, stained or, in some cases, left to weather naturally.

Our ornamental pergolas are designed to add interest and ambiance as they filter sunlight and invite climbing plants weave in and out as they reach for the sky. Whether standing solo or covered in fragrant wisteria, these structures will be enjoyed for years to come.


The north central Texas sun can be intense! From a cozy shaded porch swing to gazebo that can accommodate a crowd, we can provide you with a high-quality shaded structure that complements your space and shields you from the Texas sun. We customize our arbors and other structures to meet our customers’ needs and offer a wide range of options, including polycarbonate covers that provide UV protection yet appear clear from below. Contact us for your custom shaded structure!